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"Hong Kong Dragonflies" from K.D.P. Wilson A reference for all HK species and more... Urban Council Publication in HK
"Dragonflies of Taiwan" Liang-Jong Wang Both English and Chinese texts. Extremly complete (a lot of species and pictures). We like it so much that we regret the too short English texts. ISBN 957-30885-1-7
"Guidebook to Dragonflies of Taiwan" English and Chinese texts. English content quite rich. Compact as it presents the most common species. ISBN 957-97470-1-6
"The Dragonflies of Sri Lanka" by Terrence de Fonseka 2000 Published by WHT Publications (Private) Limited, 95 Cotta Road, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka IBSN 955-9114-19-0 Hardcover book 302 pages, 20 colour plates This is an excellent compilation of information about the dragonflies of Sri Lanka. It is largely a collection of information from other, mostly out-of-print sources, that summarizes what is known about Sri Lankan dragonflies. As well as the colour plates of adults, there are also black and white line drawings of most species. Both adults and larvae are described. There is an extensive list of cited literature.
"Atlas of the Dragonflies of Thailand" by Matti Hämäläinen and Bro. Amnuay Pinratana ISBN 974-87004-5-3
First published in June 1999 Includes distribution maps per Thai provinces and colour photos of many Thai odonata.
Wilson, K.D.P. (2003). "Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Hong Kong", Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong, 381 pp. ISBN 988-201-614-6. HK$80. Softcover. Comprehensive field guide to adults of all 110 dragonfly species currently known from Hong Kong, including checklist, extensive keys, biometrics and numerous colour photographs.
Title: "Dragonflies of Taiwan: 120 species" This pocket book is a photographic guide of adult dragonflies presently occurring in Taiwan. It covers almost 97.5% of all those can be seen in the wild. For those who are interested, please contact: wbst@wbst.org.tw This information will be posted on the website: www.wbst.org.tw in the near future (presently unavailable). The cover of this book can be seen in the following link: http://nature.kl.edu.tw/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18766 This book is 128 pages with more than 360 color photos with up to date scientific names and status. It costs only 150TWD (4.72USD)!!
"Dragonflies of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore" by A. G. Orr A pocket guide of the 230 species of that region. Clear identification keys with an illustration for all species.
"A Guide to the Dragonflies of Borneo" Their Identification and Biology by A. G. Orr with illustrations and photos by M. Hämäläinen. The beautiful & complete reference. ISBN-10: 9838120693
The Indian subcontinent is one of the biologically richest regions of the world. Two global biodiversity hot spots, namely the eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats, are in this region. Another biologically rich region, Sri Lanka, is just to the south of the subcontinent. The subcontinent is rich in odonates (damselflies and dragonflies); about 500 species are known. The dragonflies of the region are taxonomically well described thanks to the monumental work of Fraser. However, the natural history and distribution of most of the species is barely known. This lacuna is largely due to the lack of user-friendly field guides for amateur naturalists and students. As an initiative to generate interest in dragonflies among naturalists and students, Indian Academy of Sciences has published a field guide on the odonates of Peninsular India. The book is being published as part of Project Lifescape of the Academy. This project aims at producing user-friendly field guides and other resources to encourage field-based biology research among students. The book is divided into three parts. The first part gives a detailed account of the natural history of Odonata. The second part gives keys for the identification of odonate families for larval and adult stages. The third section gives species accounts for 26 damselflies and 34 dragonflies of Peninsular India. The book is lavishly illustrated with colour photographs or specimen scans of all the species described. In addition, the book also provides a checklist of odonates for the region (178 species) and a glossary of technical terms. The novelty of the book is provision of common English names of all species. The first edition of this book is entirely downloadable freely in PDF from from this website:
Bedjanic. M, Conniff. K & deSilva Wijeyeratne. G, (2007). Dragonflies of Sri Lanka. Eco Holidays, Colombo. 248 pages. ISBN 978-955-1079-15-4. A 248 page, A6 sized book, with colour plates for 91 of the 118 species of Dragonflies in Sri Lanka. Attractively designed and easy to use, it is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. Easy to read English makes it ideal for the novice dragonfly watcher. The book has been split into nine sections to enable easy download. http://www.jetwingeco.com/index.cfm?mid=6&id=57&sid=57&iid=6§ion=freedown&list=0 URL also hosts photo references for dragonflies of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka and Southern India as well as field guides for butterflies, birds and mammals.
"Dragonflies and Damselflies of South Africa" By Michael J Samways Published by Pensoft Publishers, 2008 ISBN 9546423300, 9789546423306 297 pages http://books.google.com/books?id=mQH95HhRS9MC
Suhling & Martens: "Dragonflies and Damselflies of Namibia (2007)". The photos are larger in it than in the other two books. It also covers Botswana and Angola. http://www.nhbs.com/title.php?tefno=153060
"A Field Guide to the Damselflies of South Africa" By Warwick Tarboton and Michele Tarboton 95 pages, 312 col illus, 97 line drawings, 65 distrib maps. http://www.nhbs.com/a_field_guide_to_the_damselflies_of_south_tefno_140497.html&tab_tag=desc

A photographic guide to the Dragonflies of Singapore

Tang Hung Bun, Wang Luan Keng, Matti Hämäläinen.

A total of 124 species are recorded with the territorial limits of Singapore, including seven new records just in the last two years. Informative textual accounts of all species and large, full-colour photographs of almost every species enable the reader to identify any dragonfly encountered in the field. This book is an essential tool to enthusiasts, naturalists and general readers who wish to learn about dragonflies. At the same tome, it captures quintessentially their sublime and ephemeral beauty.

The book is available for order at Nature's Niche bookstore:

The Dragonflies of Hong Kong

by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong ISBN: 978-988-211-399-2 A latest edition of book about the dragonflies of Hong Kong, including both description and photos on adult of the 116 recorded species and about 90 larvae found so far. Same as the previous edition, the book is written in both English and Chinese.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Kerala

Hi Dragonflies and Damselflies of Kerala (Keralathile Thumbikal) is on its final move. Kindly share it among friends who need. Thanks & Regards Kiran.C.G


Dan Bárta & Aleš Dolný DRAGONFLIES OF SUNGAI WAIN (check PDF sample) Ecological Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Lowland Mixed Dipterocarp Forest of Southeastern Kalimantan. Contents Color scans of 82 species 70 color photos of habitats and dragonflies from nature Text in English, Czech and Bahasa Indonesia 168 pages Format 160x260 mm 170 g luxury matte paper Soft cover “Dragonflies of Sungai Wain is clearly a labour of love by the authors, and a successful labour: it is a beautiful book that represents a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the dragonflies of Borneo.” Rory A. Dow Available on www.taitapublishers.cz