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Rhodothemis rufa (Rambur, 1842)

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It is not easy to distinguish from other medium-sized red species of libellulid including Orthetrum chrysis, O. testaceum testaceum and Crocothemis servilia servilia. [EG: Urothemis signata signata] In the hand, the venation of the wing can be used to distinguish from Orthetrums. R. rufa and C. s. servilia have an incomplete distal antenodal nerve. The extremely prominent and robust spines present on the femora and tibiae of R. rufa is the most obvious distinguishing feature. [Check on the full size photo below]

From "Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Hong Kong" - Keith D.P. Wilson

In the female of this species, however, the middorsal pale yellowish streak, which runs from the top of antefrons through occipital triangle, prothorax, along the dorsal carina (both sides), antealar sinus, all dorsal sclerites of pterothorax and the middorsal ridge of 1-5 abdominal segments is characteristic.

From "A List of Odonata from Thailand" - Syoziro Asahina

Syn: Libellula rufa Rambur, 1842